World Karaoke Tour (WKT) is the best international singing competition of its kind. WKT offers the opportunity for aspiring singers to compete and perform on a professional world stage. WKT does not discriminate based on race, religion, or life style and singers are welcomed from all walks of life!

WKT drew people to audition at venues placed all across the US and in the world - with over 13 countries competing in 2018!


Singing is not always seen as a competitive sport. We want to change that. WKT is striving to be the “OLYMPICS” of the singing world.  To insure we get the best, and no one is excluded, WKT has a variety of competitive categories such as Adult Solo Division, Duets, and Minors Solo Division. Our goal is to extend our outreach to every city in every state of the USA! We can only accomplish this with collaboration from companies and like-minded individuals.


Brandi Huang is a former WKT World Finalist and is honored to be the State of Washington Director for 2019/2020.